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Incoming! for Skype Iphone Application : Convert Outgoing to Incoming call

A new application for your Apple Iphone is launched. This Skype application named Incoming! for Skype is available.

Skype application for Iphone basically converts all phone calls that is outgoing calls and Incoming calls as Incoming calls. This will indeed help you save a lot of money from your usual service provider. As we know that your provider offer unlimited inbound minutes but charge you for outgoing calls, so this Skype application exploit this.

How does it works:

1. Start the Incoming! App on your Apple iPhone.
2. Dial the phone number, or choose from address book.
3. Press call and the call will re-route the call through the Skype application on your home computer (PC).
4. Now your phone will ring, just pick it up and then the other person is called.

The calls are routed from your home computer. Suppose you are calling landlines phones or other PSTN phones then you will use SkypeOut credits. But if you have any unlimited plan from Skype then you can make voip calls for free.
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