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Reliable Calling : Cheap Voip calls to India (One Cent)

With so many other voip providers offering cheap calls to India, no one wants to lag behind in this voip race to India. Today we will talk about Reliable Calling. We have earlier too posted about Reliable calling and their reduced calling rate to India.

Reiable calling is another on the list of voip providers who are offering one cent per minute calls to India. In this times of bad economy, its better to save money and no better way to save money by making cheap calls to your home country.

Reliable Calling is a UK based firm offering really cheap voip calls to call inda from USA,Canada,UK,Australia and New Zealand.

Reliable calling offers two plans :

Monthly plan rates: The Monthly Plan is an exclusive offer which offers a great Talk time for a period of 30 days. Subscribe to this plan with $9.99 which includes rental charges of $3.99, and for the remaining $ 6, you will get 600 mins at 1cent/min using local access number and 260 mins using Toll Free access number.

Fortnight Plan rates: This one is a $7.99 package which too has a rental cost of 3.99 $. For the remaining 4 $ you can call India for just 1 cent. The rate will be applicable to any landline or mobile in India. The only catch is that this is credit will be worth for 14 days. But for just 4 $ you will get 400 minutes to India.

Anyways not a bad offer by Reliable calling who want to make cheap voip phone calls.
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