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How to Make SIP calls from iPhone

RingFree makes it possible to make SIP calls from your iPhone–without jailbreaking. This means it’s a web-based application and uses your GSM minutes. However, you’re not limited to making “normal” phone calls, but you can connect it up with your SIP-based IP PBX, a number of SIP-based VoIP providers, some of the instant messaging services, and of course, Free World Dialup (FWD). No Skype support, but you know who to blame for Skype’s walled garden approach. says about it that " is a software company with a service component. It's not a phone company. There are a lot of Voice over IP companies out there that will sell you minutes so that you can call regular numbers overseas for next to nothing. Some of these companies are even good (we'll leave it up to you as to which are), and we use some of them ourselves".

You can actually make IP calls without a service provider using This means you can make SIP URI calls, Skype calls, GoogleTalk calls, Yahoo! Messenger calls, MSN calls, FWD calls and a whole bunch of others without a service provider. Go ahead, register with us to use on your iPhone. To do so, on your iPhone, open Mobile Safari and go to (just entering "RF" and clicking "Go" does the trick too).
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November 4, 2010 at 8:34 AM

Most of the VoIP Service Providers are offering unlimited packages. However, these packages remain unlimited until we don't abuse the service. They don't allow you the business use of their service. The moment you cross limits, these free and unlimited plans don't remain free and unlimited plans.

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