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Call Canada absolutely free : Freephoneline

Though there are many free ways to make free calls to Canada, but we don't mind exploring some new ones. If iCall don't work for you, don't worry Freephoneline is for you. Its one the best voip service working in Canada.

Freephoneline, a Canadian VOIP service is not only offering free calls all over canada but also giving a free incoming canadian number in many states.

It offers calls to and from both your Computer (via a free voip softphone), and from your local phone (you need to pay some credit for that). In order to use Freephoneline from your computer you need to download the voip application(a computer desktop phone that can be simply maximized when needed to place or receive calls.), register with them. You need to give a canadian address for that. (Google for it).

With either option you will permanently never receive a bill for having a home phone line again. (Provided you make calls to Canada).

  • FREEPHONELINE gives you a FREE local Canadian number.
  • Unlimited Free calling to most of the Canadian states!! such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax.
  • Caller ID – the incoming phone number is displayed on the Softphone.
  • Follow Me Service: set your softphone to forward all calls to whatever phone number you desire. If you decide not to answer all calls will still be forwarded to your free voice mail service.
So, if you want to make free calls to your loved ones in Canada, is specially for you.

Call Nepal Cheap using uVoipit

uVoipit has reduced its calling rate to Nepal. uVoipit mailed to its users about change in Nepal voip policy and its decrease in Nepal calling rates.


Thank you for being a loyal customer. In the past few months, Nepal government has changed how VoIP is regulated in there country. Therefore, you might have experienced problems when calling. We have now decreased the price to Nepal significantly and increased quality!

New Price:

Nepal - $0.095 (from $0.12)

So, make cheap calls to Nepal using uVoipit.

TechNina : A Technology Blog & Communication Community will be launched very soon and Voipapplication will be soon a part of TechNina.
TechNina promises to be world's largest Technology blog with latest news on Voip, Free Calls, Mobile Phones, iPhone, Android, everything about tech !

All the readers of VoipApplication be assured that you will now be updated with the latest in the Voip field. TechNina will be offering latest news on Voip calls, all free calling offers, best voip deals, best calling cards. TechNina will itself be offering free voip credit and ways that you can place cheap and free voip calls.

So, keep yourself tech updated with TechNina.

How to Make SIP calls from iPhone

RingFree makes it possible to make SIP calls from your iPhone–without jailbreaking. This means it’s a web-based application and uses your GSM minutes. However, you’re not limited to making “normal” phone calls, but you can connect it up with your SIP-based IP PBX, a number of SIP-based VoIP providers, some of the instant messaging services, and of course, Free World Dialup (FWD). No Skype support, but you know who to blame for Skype’s walled garden approach. says about it that " is a software company with a service component. It's not a phone company. There are a lot of Voice over IP companies out there that will sell you minutes so that you can call regular numbers overseas for next to nothing. Some of these companies are even good (we'll leave it up to you as to which are), and we use some of them ourselves".

You can actually make IP calls without a service provider using This means you can make SIP URI calls, Skype calls, GoogleTalk calls, Yahoo! Messenger calls, MSN calls, FWD calls and a whole bunch of others without a service provider. Go ahead, register with us to use on your iPhone. To do so, on your iPhone, open Mobile Safari and go to (just entering "RF" and clicking "Go" does the trick too).

FreeVoipDeal Sip Settings to make SIP Calls

FreeVoipDeal is latest betamax voip provider, and here we are with the SIP settings of

FreeVoipDeal SIP details are ::
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server
Account name : your FreeVoipDeal username
Password : your FreeVoipDeal password
Stunserver (option) :

Get free UK Phone number from LocalPhone

LocalPhone is offering free local UK phone number. So if you are a localphone customer then you hold a chance to get LocalPhone UK phone number. You must be knowing that localphone also offers incoming phone number fro other countries.

You just need to spend a few bucks for getting yourself a incoming number. The concept behind incoming numbers is that you can receive incoming calls on this number and forward it to your cell.

Suppose, if you are living in USA and wants to call Pakistan. Then get yourself a Pakistan phone number and forward the incoming calls to your USA mobile. Now people from Pakistan can call you on Pakistan number (local call for them) and call will be forwarded to your number. So both of you can talk.

Localphone SIP settings
User name: XXXXX
Password: XXXXXX

You can get these SIP settings from your localphone dashboard.

Takster Free Calls : Free World Dialing

To celebrate Christmas and New Year, Talkster is offering free world dialing. That is talkster is offering free calls to about 50 countries which include Pakistan, Brazil, Japan etc.

Now call even more countries with Free World Dialing! Now 50 countries including Pakistan, Brazil, Japan and South Africa.

GET $5 of calling FREE TODAY! Make cheap calls anywhere in the world for as little as 0.8 cents a minute!

Talkster and Rebtel have joined forces to offer you Free World Dialing from over 50 countries plus cheap calls anywhere in the world.

You do not have to register, no credit card nor Paypal info is needed, no software or downloads etc just to use new Talkster service; you only need but your existing phone!

PS: Free calls to Pakistan are also offered by Rebtel.

OneTouchIndia Calling card to India : OnetouchIndia review

OnetouchIndia was launched some months back. OnetouchIndia gained publicity because it offers free 60 minutes forevery signup. SignUp with OnetouchIndia and get fre 60 minutes to make international calls. Yes free international calls to India, even free calls to Pakistan.

But you need to share your credit card information during the signup, this sharing is safe as it s ssl secured. This will enable you to get enough credit so that you can make 60 minutes of free calls to India and Pakistan.

If you do not want to share you credit card information, then you will get 30 minutes free to India. Calling method is just like other calling cards: Toll Free Access Numbers888-913-2582888-918-6824.

The calling rate to India by Onetouch India is "NEW LOW RATES TO INDIA: Only 1.9¢ per minute using special local access number (903-212-6651) OR 3.9¢ per minute using local/toll access OR 4.9¢ per minute using 800/toll free access."
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