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LocalPhone India rates reduced : Call Cheap

Localphone cheap calls to India.
Voip company localphone (quite popular due to large number of access numbers) has reduced their calling rates to India. Localphone is now offering calls to India at just 2.9 cents/min. Recently we have seen that many voip companies are offering cheap calls to India, so I guess people have lot of cheap voip calling options now.

Another thing to notice about Localphone is that 2.cents/min rate to India is for both landlines and mobile phones. Localphone is a nice voip service with good voice quality and lot of calling ways -:

Localphone Direct
Localphone Calling Card
Use VoIP adapters.

Those who still use their normal traditional phones (technology) for making expensive international calls are losing bucks each day. Its time to start using voip for your calling needs, make Cheap international phone calls/Free voip phone calls.
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