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Call India at local rates Rebtel : From any country USA, Canada etc

Hi Rebtel,

We have not yet covered any post on Rebtel. Rebtel is one of the major voip provider. Their service a bit different from others. You need not to have or use computer, calling cards or even need not to download anything to your phone.

So How do they make your calling free.

You have to register for an account. Which is absolutely free. ( You can try their service without registering also.)

You have to give the phone number of a friend in another country, and they will give you a local number for them. That means you have to first enter your phone number, then the destination number. They even allow countries like India, Pakistan etc. Rebtel will give you a Local number of your country which you have to dail (access number). They will then connect your call.

You can this way make calls to India, Pakistan, UAE at local rates.

Rebtel is now giving away free 10 minutes of calling. So you may try this service for Free. This free service will not be there for long. So enjoy this service before it goes off. You may try calling from another number to get more 10 minutes Free of calling.

They are giving one more offer -: You will get double of your credit when you register for first time and add 10$. They will give you 20$ 8 April 2008.

For more info, visit Rebtel.

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June 22, 2008 at 10:05 AM

"You can this way make calls to India, Pakistan, UAE at local rates."
This is NOT FREE - your own sentence indicates that. Stop spreading this misinformation trying to be get clicks.

The calling rate to India on rebtel is 0.067$/minute - which is available from MANY carriers and calling cards and there are cheaper ones too!

Local India rates are NOT 0.067$/min - yes Indians are getting rich much not this rich yet that local calls in India cost 6c/min!

Stop spreading this misinformation.

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