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Make Free Phone Calls to India through Ibibo.

You all are aware of a new blog service called ibibo, its very similar to blogger. ibibo has started a free service through which registered members can call each other for free. Looks very similar to Jaxtr

They are currently offering 10 mins free call to other registered users with maximum 2mins for one call; that makes up to maximum of 5 calls monthly, free!! (Don't get upset by this figure, we'll come up with a hack at the end!! :-)

To get free calls do the following

1) First you have to register at ibibo.
2) Register your mobile number in the Call for Free Service.
3) Invite friends to join cafe.ibibo. Ask them to do the same.
4) When you want to call a friend goto his/her Cafe profile and click the "Call Me Free" button. If he/she has enabled receiving calls then your calls will get connected. Ibibo will call your mobile first and then your friend gets a ring. Talk for 2 mins free!!
5) When your free 10mins are over you have to wait for 1month to get that recharged.But don't worry, Ibibo is trying to increase the call time at the earliest.
6) You may delink your no here, and register it to another account. Ibibo allows this. This way you get 10 more min of Free Calling.
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March 1, 2008 at 9:26 PM

ad call sucks!!!!!!'
it hsa snot been mentioned how to use it......they jst send the access d hell to use it???

November 4, 2009 at 1:50 AM

is it work in nokia n72 model mobile.

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