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Vbuzzer : Call China absolutely Free or at 1cent Per minute


Though we have already posted many ways to make free calls all across the globe, still some voip users don't rely on hacks and prefer to make calls without using any trick. Also they don't mind paying a bit to make their calls. You must charged heavily when you make international calls from your mobile. Calling china ain't any cheap. Also there are very less voip providers allowing to call china free.

Vbuzzer is a major voip provider, they are giving away calls to china at 1 cent per minute that is .01$/minute. Now that is ultra cheap. I won't mind paying that much to call my loved ones in china. This means you can talk to your friends in China for 100 minutes by paying only 1$.

If you don't want to spend even a Penny, and want
To make calls to China free with Vbuzzer, all you have to do is Invite just one of your friend to join Vbuzzer, they give you 10 cents credit free. You can make calls to China using these credits. Invite more friends to make more free calls.
You can refer your friend from this page.

They are having a softphone/messenger similar to skype using which you can make calls to any phone. You will be able to register using that softphone only.

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I don't know for sure if this referral program still working since I saw many people saying they don't get credit. Vbuzzer has another referral program could get you $1 credit. However I only got once. It seems not always function well. Anyhow, the bottom line is Vbuzzer already cheap enough for me to enjoy its service.

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