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Receive Calls and Get Paid : Virgin Mobiles in India

With the ‘troubled’ entry of Richard Branson’s’ flagship Virgin Group’s, Virgin Mobile into India in association with local Telco Tata Teleservices, it seems a fresh competition among the Telcos is going to spark the price war in rates and plans. This will surely result in reduced price of phone calls, Voip and internet telephony may also make its way in Indian industry.

This virgin mobile is sure to bring a revolution in the Indian phone market. They will pay their (add to the balance) 0.10 Paise for each 60-second call, just to receive a call in their own network, that is when your are not in roaming. So those who receive a lot of calls on their mobile, they should be happy since this will add up to their talktime. I Guess this is the first step in its kind in the world. With so many mobile users in India, Virgin mobile had some really good marketing plans.

First, a few years back, the Incoming calls were made free for consumers in India, earlier they were paid too then local, long distance and International calls were made cheap and cheaper day by day, now it seems the Indian mobile consumer is all set to get paid, just for receiving a call : )

This is CDMA technology, they have a cool range of mobiles phone too.
  • The best phones that are not just technologically advanced but also reflect
    your style, personality and lifestyle.

  • Affiliations with market leaders across the world such as Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and many more.

So all the Indian mobile users go check out, VIRGIN Mobile.
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