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Sip Settings for Mediaringtalk : Voip phone calls


I know many of you use Sip devices, mobile sip for making voip phone calls. Mediaringtalk has gained lot of popularity and lot of people use Mediaringtalk for making voip phone calls. However, Mediaringtalk offers Pc to Phone calls and you always need a PC for making a phone call.

If you use SIP settings of Mediaringtalk and configure your device (voip adapter) then you can make phone to phone calls. I searched for SIP settings of Mediaringtalk and found some settings in one of the voip forum. I am not sure they will work good, but I guess there is no harm trying them (it may work).

The procedure to set up the ATA or soft phone for is :

1. Domain/ Realm:
2. Sip Proxy:
3. Outbound proxy :
User name : (mediaringtalk Id)
Password : ( your password)
Authorization user name: (mediaringtalk id)

For making phone calls, dial 1XXXX (without + or 00) for USA. Similarly for other countries.
You can make free calls to Australia, Canada, USA and other 5 countries.

Do try three-four times making a call. It may sometime give you SIP connection error. I guess no one bother about it as long as phone calls are free.

If you are interested in buying a SIP Phone (Voip adapter), You may like to read our review of Linksys PAP2T SIP VOIP Phone.

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January 30, 2009 at 2:32 AM

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July 3, 2009 at 10:24 AM

Worked with X-lite..

I had to uncheck "register with domain and receive incoming calls" and voicemail options to get it to work.

Hope it helps some people.

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