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Vyke SIP Voip Phone settings : Cheap unlimited phone calls

Vyke SIP configuration settings.
Vyke is offering cheap unlimited phone calls to many countries. You can make unlimited length phone call to 40 countries for a price of just 4 cents/call.

Vyke will help you save on every call. The Vyke Network is built on industry standards, thus configuring your device is very easy. Vyke support most analogue telephone adaptors (ATA). Connect your SIP /IAX ATA to the Vyke Network to make calls over the Vyke Network. Call rates are very cheap and voice quality is also great.

Standard settings needed to configure your ATA device (compatible with both SIP/IAX) to make inexpensive calls over the Vyke Network:

Setting for VoIP Phone by Vyke:
Display name: your username
SIP/IAX Username: your username
SIP/IAX Password: Same as your login
SIP server:
IAX server:
Port: 5060
RTP port: 5090
DTMF: RFC 2833
Proxy setting: Same as SIP server
Register server: Leave blank
Supported codecs: G.729, G.711 (ulaw), gsm

You can use linksys PAP adapter for making calls using Vyke voip.

Enjoy cheap international phone calls.
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