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AirtelCallhome audio conferencing : Talk to two people in India simultaneously

AirtelCallHome Audio Conferencing solutions.
AirtelCallhome, a voip provider (actually calling card provider) also offer audio conferencing solutions. With Airtelcallhome, you can talk to two-three of your friends simultaneously by paying nothing extra.

Its similar to a free audio conferencing solution by AirtelCallhome. AirtelCallHome customer can access this service by dialing a short code 1234 instead of destination number and enter his own unique lifetime conference ID and password on the audio bridge. Airtel partners with Sabsebolo to offer this useful service to its customers.

AirtelCallhome has already sent everyone his unique conference ID but if you have not received it then go to
register and get your unique conference ID.

How to dial?
1. Dial the access number for AirtelCallHome.
2. Enter your account number (not required if calling from a registered phone)
3. Dial 1234 . You will be given a number.
4. Ask your relatives to dial in at any one of these numbers. Share your conference details with them once and you’re done!

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