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Republic Day cheap calling offer AirtelCallhome


Airtel is one of the biggest telecom provider in India, alongwith that Airtel offers calling cards in the name of Airtelcallhome. Airtelcallhome as the name itself suggest provides cheap calling cards for the NRI's so that they can call their home (India).

Airtel Call Home calling cards are very easy to use, voice quality is also very good plus its offers services like Refer a friend, value added services.

Coming back to its latest promotions, that is Airtel Call home Republic day cheap calling offer.
The promotion I am talking about is for people who want to call India from USA. People from UK, Canada need to check if this offer is valid for them too or not.

AirtelCallhome is offering free minutes to both existing customer and new customers. I guess this is a nice offer as it don't limit to new customers only.

Airtel is offering free talktime of 20 min on purchase of 5$ credit, so you get about 111 min on purchaseof 5$ making effective calling rate of just 4.5 cents/min. If you are a bulk purchaser then you can opt for getting 100$ credit getting 684 free min making effective calling rate just 4cents/min.

For old customers, when you recharge with 100$, you will get additional 400 free calling minutes.

I guess, though it is not the best calling offer in terms of money, but those who like to remain connecte with known one's in the market, those who favour voice quality over rates AirtelCallhome surely is for you.
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