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Students save money by using VOIP in America


Each year a large number of studets from India and other countries go abroad, specially America (USA) for their further studies. If you look at the at number of people giving those GRE examsand those getting scholarships you will really be surprised. A very less percentage of students gets the scholarships for their studies.

Still, large number of Indian students study in America by taking loans and all (let me tell you, universties fees is too high). Now we can help these students save any money, that I guess it will be great.

Actually, Voip can help them save lot of money on their phone bills. They must be spending huge bucks to call their freinds and family in India, and even to make calls in USA itself. If they actually switch to voip for their caling needs they can reduce their phone bills by approx 60%. Yes you heard it correct.

Suppose a student is living in USA, then I would suggest him to zero his phone costs to call American numbers by using services like iCall, Callingamerica, Mediaringtalk or may be voip in his mobile itself by usng SIP (fring), iCall etc. These voip provider gives you unlimited free calls to America. This way you will not pay a single penny in making calls in America.

Now for India, a student can try different options (voip providers) both those giving free calls and those giving cheap calls to India. Let me name a few for them, Ideaindiacall (giving free calls), RelianceiCall, Rebtel, Tabrio, Pingo, Mediaringtalk (very cheap) etc. Offcourse they can surf this blog to find more of these voip providers.

I am sure if they follow our ways and use voip, students can save a lot on their calling costs.

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January 17, 2009 at 12:28 AM

I am a student and studying here in USA since 2006. Due to my financial constraints I use to call after long breaks to my friends and families back in my home country India. I tried different VOIP services but was not satisfied with their voice quality or their customer service. Few days back, one of my class mates told me about this new voip service called and asked me to use it. I ignored him at that time as I was frustrated of using different VOIP services in the past. The other day i had to call my family but again the voice quality was so bad that i droped the call in anger and then suddenly thought to try to see what it can offer me as my friend told me that they provide you with 30 free minutes to test their services. I called through it and the voice quality was quite awesome. I like it because it is also compatible with many latest devices. I would suggest you to try this service as it is operational in many countries. I am sure you will like it too

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