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Free calls to Russia using Flaphone (Flashphone)

Flaphone VOIP SIP Phone calls to Russia
Flashphone made a good progress in voip field but change is required for any company to survive. Flashphone has changed itself for its good. Better to say has renovated itself to

Flashphone, a russian voip provider earlier used the domain targetting only russian voip callers. However with time they understood that targetting international customer, expanding is a better option. has shifted its domain to

Flaphone has a changed sip platform and they have added video conferencing.

There is no change in user accounts, you can still use old login for using

Flaphone is among the first to provide flash based SIP service. It uses Adobe Air, so you are required to install Adobe 10 Flash Player for using Flaphone.
Some of the new features of Flaphone include Contact lists, SIP accounts, Call history, Flaphone supports SIP IM.

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