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Cheap calls to Riyadh, Jordan, Turkey, Bagdadh, Baharain


A lot of blogs post about making free calls to Cuba, Australia, Canada or USA but calling options these Middle east countries (Riyadh, Jordan, Turkey, Bagdadh, Baharain) remain unexplored.

Nymgo offers a unlimited calling pachage for middle east countries. Nymgo offers this Middle east plan in which it is offering very cheap calls to these fiv destinations (Riyadh, Jordan, Turkey, Bagdadh, Baharain).

So if you have anyone living in Riyadh, Jordan, Turkey, Bagdadh, Baharain then you can make cheap PC to Phone calls. Calls can be made directly to their Phone from just any country (you just need to have a PC).

Nymgo allows you to make cheap PC to phone calls in which you have to download a voip softphone.

Lets see more about this Nymgo unlimited Middle east plan.
Under this package, buy paying just $19.99/month, you will get 3000 minutes to Jordan

You can subscribe for making calls to any of the above five destination. Buy paying $19.99, you will get following minutes (keep in mind you can call only one of the destinations, so choose the country which you want to call).

Jordan -: Free 3000 minutes
Riyadh -: Free 1750 minutes
Turkey Free 1750 minutes
Bagdadh Free 1750 minutes
Baharain Free 1750 minutes.

You can also refer to Nymgo Voip settings for making phone to phone calls. If you want Phone to Phone calls, you could also use Voip apadter. Grandcentral HT -486 or Linksys PAP2 are some better choices.

Enjoy cheap calls to Riyadh, Jordan, Turkey, Bagdadh, Baharain.
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