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Apple Iphone : Global Market Share more than 1%


Well you must be saying ohh its just 1% market. Actually its 1% of global mobile market and its too much considering the number of mobile users and number of mobile providers.

If you are planning to buy a new Apple iPhone then below are few details which will cheer you up. Confused about 2G or 3G iphone...? Check our guide on choosing Apple iPhone.

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world in 2007, he mentioned that Apple had set a goal for itself to reach one percent of the mobile phone market share.

According to the latest results from market research, Apple has passed its goal (to reach 1% market) in 2008, hitting 1.1 percent of the 1.21 billion global mobile phone shipments. That has made Apple the number eight mobile providers (vendors). Other vendors to feature in the top ten list are HTC and Sharp.

Three cheers for Apple iPhone......!!!!!
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