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Review and Configuring Grandstream HandyTone-486


Grandstream HandyTone-486 is a ATA device we recommend to our blog readers if they would like to make Phone to phone calls using SIP (Voip). This voip adapter will enable you to make voip phone calls diretly from your regular landline phone. It actually converts your landline phone into a Voip phone.

This ATA HT-486 is not at all expensive (only $39.98) and you can connect it with any phone you already have. Also this HT version can be plugged directly to your phone outlet and in the case of power failure you will still be able to make phone calls over your regular phone service.

It is very easy to set up this device with or any other SIP service (Nymgo for example). The voice quality is just great.

Lets see how to configure this Grandstream HandyTone-486.

1. Connect the HT-486 to your PC and to the internet to set it up. Connecting this device to the computer is for the configuration ONLY!

2. Open your browser and type this address:

3. Type password: admin into the window which opens. You can change the password later if you want.

4. This will allow you to configure the ATA device. Make sure the page opened on the ADVANCED SETTINGS tab. Enter your SIP settings in the top part of the configuration page. The rest stays as preset!

5. Click on the UPDATE button. After you click on the Update buton, click on the REBOOT button.

6. Wait for few seconds. Disconnect your PC and connect your Phone to the ATA device.

7. Make a call! When you pickup the phone handset the ligt on the ATA device will be green. You are ready to make calls!

Guys this product (Grandstream HandyTone-486) is available at Amazon for just $39.98. So don't miss this chance (you will save a lot more using voip).

Its time to get Grandstream HandyTone 486 Multi-port, All-in-one Analog adapter SIP VoIP FXS.

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