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Is Verizon terminating Voicewing VoIP service


Verizon has a big name in voip industry offering home and business voip calling service. It offers many different voip phones and unlimited plans for local and international calling.

However, I just read in one of the voip magazines that customers of Verizon's Voicewing VoIP service are receiving notice that the service will come to an end on March 31st.

I guess Verizon has some bigger plans as they are launching voip hub phones. They must have then decided to close Voicewing. Verizon is launching services involving MID-type solutions - like the newly-announced 'Hub' - and services, over fiber optic connections, as part of its next-generation network.

It may be possible that this close is due to Deltathree, the company that provides the back end to Voicewing's VoIP service. It has been tanking in the stock exchange for a while and is currently trading at $0.04.

Anyways its not the end of voip, its actually change for the better.

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