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Nymgo Voip SIP configuration Linksys PAP2T

Nymgo is a great calling service. It gives unlimited calling plans to Pakistan, India and other countries. Below are the SIP settings to configure Nymgo on your Linksys PAP2T voip adapter. Linksys Voip adapter enables you to make voip phone cals directly from your landline phone.

Linksys PAP2T is available at Amazon for just $51. Below are the SIP settings for Nymgo. Configure it and make cheap Phone to Phone voip calls.

Make call without Registration: No
Answer call without Registration: No
Register: YES
Register expires: 3600
Display name: Your Full name
User ID: Nymgo username
Password: Nymgo password
Auth ID: Nymgo username
Use Auth ID: YES
Preferred Codec: G729
Use Preferred Codec only: YES
DTMF Tx Method: RFC2833
Fax CED Detect Enable: YES

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