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Free phone calls (not from computer) to United states while in Europe

Well, here is the first question in this series of Voip question and answers.

Question: Is there any way I can make free phone calls (not from computer) to mobile and landlines phones in USA while I am in Europe. I know many voip providers are offering PC to Phone calls in America but I want to make Phone to Phone voip calls. I don't mind paying few dollars but the calls have to be cheap.

Answer: Well I am sure many others would like to ask te same question. Yes as you have already said that there are many voip provider offering Free Pc to Phone calls to USA, Canada. To list some of them are :

Now as you would like to place Phone to Phone calls. There can be two ways of doing so. First one you can dial local access number and then international number, or some voip provider offer directly a local number. To list voip providers in this category are :, dialsimple etc.

Another way could be to use SIP or the mobile voip application in your Phone itself. This depends if your phone is supported or not. Many voip providers are now offering Mobile Voip, softwares for your iPhone and other phones. You can also use Fring in your phone to make SIP phone calls. Skype offers its mobile application for iPhone, you can then use iCall mobile application. You can get the SIP settings of betamax services and using SIP in your Phone you can make free calls to landlines and Mobile in USA.

I hope this answers your question. Guys if you have any query related to free calling, VoIP, SIP then do post it, we would be more than happy to answer all your question.
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