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How can I make free calls from pc to other phones in India?

Well this question has been asked many times on various voip forums, question and answer website.

How can I make free calls from Pc to other phones in India?

So, basically you want to make Free Pc to mobiles phones and landline in India. Well this is possible but with some workarounds. You can make such free calls using These will be Free Phone to Phone calls though web initiated.

Tuitalk was also offering such service of Free Pc to Phone to India sometime back but have stopped their service for people to use their voip application from India. As I have said, with some workarounds (using trials etc), one can also make free unlimited calls to India.
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June 24, 2009 at 9:46 PM

can you please talk a bit more about the work aroundd for calling etc.

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