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Jajah voip solution Ipod Touch : Use mic to make phone calls

Jajah Voip software for Ipod touch
Voip providers like Truphone and skype have already launches their voip application to turn your Ipod touch 1G or 2G into iPhone. You can make cheap voip phone calls directly from you Ipod touch. Now if you own a iPod then you need not to buy iPhone just for the purpose of making phone call.

One of the leading voip providers like Jajah also understood the market trapped in iPod touch users and it has launched its voip client for Ipod touch.

Voip provider (internet phone company) can turn your iPod touch into iPhone. This application will enable iPod touch users to call and send text messages (SMS) using voice over IP (VOIP) network instead of your carrier's cellular network. (usual telcom provider).

This voip application by Jajah is available at Apple store and all iPod touch users can download it from there.

What you need is a Microphone (mic and headset for Ipod touch), sometime back we covered a post about Mic solutions for Ipod touch 1G and 2G. You can refer to that post for finding the right mic for your ipod touch.

Users will immediately be able to make calls and send SMS messages from their device from any Wi-Fi network in the world. Calling costs will be very cheap, saving up to 98 percent than existing rates on mobile networks. One can even make free phone calls too.

Have a nice voip day....!!
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