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Microphone solutions Ipod touch 1G and 2G : Voip on Ipod touch


Enough has been said about viop solutions and applications for your iPhone but what about your Ipod touch. You know that you can make voip calls directly from your Ipod touch. Just surfing the internet, I came across few questions and these are quite common questions but let me tell you, answers are also that simple only.

Let me put this in question format only.

Q. I own a iPhone touch, obviously don'nt have facility to place calls. Should I switch over to iPhone.
Ans. Well you need not to buy a new iPhone just because you want calling facility for your Ipod touch. He you know you can place voip calls directly from your Ipod touch.

Q. Ok then how can I place these voip phone calls. Which services offers these.
Ans. Actually these calls are placed using Wifi, so if you have wifi access then you can place voip phone calls. Actually many voip provider gives this facility for Ipod touch. Some of them being Fring, Truphone, Skype etc.

Q. Ok I got it now, but is my Ipod 1G ad 2G also have this facility.
Ans. Well, yes. As long as you have microphone and headset then you can use voip in your iPod touch. Obviously fring, truphone needs to be installed. You can easily find these applications on fringand truphone website.

Q. Hey now I have a intelligent question, from where to get this Microphone for my Ipod touch (1G, 2G and others G's).
And. Actually that's a intelligent question. I surfed the internet and found one microphone and headset provider for your Ipodtouch. Its . Their 2nd Gen headset/mic and the adapter are compatible with all iPod Touch applications requiring a mic such as Fring or Truphone.

Q. How much does this microphone cost.
Ans. The cost depends on the microphone compatible with your Ipod touch. I guess you can get it for around 24-30$. Some (having mic and speaker both) cost about 49$. Well actually considering money you will be saving, its a good deal. Just check on touchmic which ones suits your needs.
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