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Jaxtr Freeconnect service : Talk for free


Jaxtr has a big name in voip industry, it has many a times launched some really great voip calling services. A few months back they launched a new voip service named Freeconnect.

Though the service is really very good but not many are aware of the service, so we thought to cover a blog post on Jaxtr Freeconnect on voip application. With Jaxtr freeconnect you have the power to talk to your friends absolutely free charge for as long as you like.

From directly jaxtr webste (web interface), one can enter the international number they want to call, and much similar to Rebtel, Jaxtr will provide you a local number to call. In order for the call to be free, both the perons (you and your destination) have to be member of Jaxtr.

Actually, the calling procedure(to make free calls) ain't that simple, so lets have a detailed look into that.

You first need to enter the number you want to call (destination number). Lets say if you want to call India from USA, then enter Indian number into Jaxtr website, Now jaxtr provides you a local number call using your cell phone.

After calling that number, Jaxtr will send a SMS message to the person you’re calling with a number that’s local for them. (Mumbai number will be sent as sms to person you call in India). Once they dial that number, you enter a free mobile call that can go as long as you would like.

I guess this is a bit complicated process, but once you et hold on it, you can make absolutely free calls. (Just paying local call charges). Its really a great deal for people who want to call their loved ones, relativesin Mumbai (India).

Apart from that if your friend is not registered, then by paying just 2.2cents/minute you can make calls to your friend in India.

A both Free and cheap calling offer to India by Jaxtr. I just hope more voip provider come up with such internet calling offers.
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