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Truphone voip for Blackberry : Save on International Phone Calls

Truphone Voip for Blackberry Phones
Blackberry is the most loved cell phone among the business guys. However there are very free applications available for Blackberry phones when compared to iPhone and other phones (Nokia Touchscreen).

Well we did some research and found that the it is not like that in case of voip market. Well these voip provider dont want to loose the busniess guys and the immense market trapped in them.

Tody we will discuss about the Truphone voip application/solutions for Blackberry and how it can help you save massive on international phone calls.

First you have to download this Truphone voip application to your Blackberry. (This voip application is compatible with your blackberry phone).

Now when you dial an international number truphone ask you if you want to make the call with Truphone. Then Truphone route your call over the internet, saving you money. You pay the cost of a local call in your home country plus truphone incredibly low worldwide rate for the international part of your call.

Truphone voip appliction (blackberry) is FREE to download, and truphone eves gives you call credit to get you started.

Use voip in your Blackberry and save money at this time of recession.
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