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Free calls to France Mobile : Click to Call me service

Free Incoming calls to France Mobile
Mylivio is offering click to call me service in which it is offering free 10 minutes calls to France landline and Mobile. Yes this way you can make free calls to France Mobile.

As I have posted earlier, call rates to European mobiles are very high. Only only a few voip provider offer free calls to mobile phones. Click to call services are growing and they can be used for making free phone calls.

Actually, once you sign up with click to call me services, they offer you a button. When someone click that button then a call is forwarded to your cell phone and you can talk for free. The caller won't have to pay a penny.

Mylivio is offering this as trial offer, however there is much benifits attached to it. Call is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the call will be automatically get terminated. MyLivio is offering a button and users actually receive 10 minutes of talking every week. You get this free incoming calling minutes to number you registered with MyLivio. Note that unused talktime will not be transferred to the following week.

A great service for making free calls to France mobiles or a great way to receive calls on France Mobiles.
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