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Free calls to Mobile in Happy Hours : Reductel

Free calls to Morocco Mobile
At voip applications, we have many a times found that calling rates to mobiles (specially to European countries) ain't any cheap. Not many voip provider offer a good deal for calling mobile phones. But sometimes, one is bound to call Mobile phones.

It is not always that the voip provider giving a better deal for calling landlines phones offer the same good deal for calling mobile phones. Well we have found good deal for our readers. Reductel, a voip provider offers cheap internationl calls directly using your mobile.

Reductel has a very nice free calling deal for you. The happy hour calling plan. You can call
15 destinations both Fixed (landlines) and mobile phone are at local rate ! from 17h to 19h (Every Friday).

Every friday 17h-19h, 15 destinations fixed and mobile phone are at local rates! ! !

You have to dial their local access number -: 0811 022 888

Check the list of countries below which you can call for free.

Algeria - Fixed and Mobile.
Cameroon - Fixed and Mobile .
Congo - Fixed and Mobile .
Ivory Coast - Fixed and Mobile.
France - Fixed and Mobile.
Gabon - Fixed and Mobile.
Mauritius - Fixed and Mobile.
Iran - Fixed and Mobile.
Lebanon - Fixed and Mobile.
Mali - Fixed and Mobile.
Morocco - Fixed and Mobile.
DR Congo - Fixed and Mobile.
Senegal - Fixed and Mobile.
Tunisia - Fixed and Mobile.
Vietnam - Fixed and Mobile.

Enjoy free calls to Vietnam, Morocco, Mali, Senegal etc. Who says call to these destination is costly..?? We have found a good free calling deal for you.
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