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T-Mobile USA Unlimited calling Loyalty Plan for only $50

T-Mobile USA has launched their Unlimited loyalty plan for just $50.

To whom is T-Mobile Loyal Unlimited plan available ?
This plan is available to all existing users who have been with T-mobile for atleast 22 months with good paying record.

What features/plan does T-Mobile offering ?
Unlimited talktime minutes on an individual line for $49.99/month.
Unlimited talktime on two-line Family plan for $89.99/month. You can also add upto 3 aditional lines to the Family plan for $39.99 each.
Some addon features like Unlimited data for $24.99, unlimited BlackBerry data $34.99 and unlimited messaging $9.99 can also be added.

What this low cost celluar calls affect Voip ?
Well this is the question everyone thinking about. Should voip providers be worried about it. I guess they should be worried as they will be forced to lower their calling rate if they want to compete with these telecom providers (though the competition is mutual). However customers should not at all be worried, instead they should be quite happy as International and domestic calling rate will fall and they will be able to make cheaper phone calls.
With Voip already taking a good hold in all three fields of calling (PC to PC), Pc to Mobile and Phone to Phone, I guess Voip is the present and the future.
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March 14, 2009 at 3:00 PM

thanks, I didnot know that T-mobile had this plan

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