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Unlimited Mobile Voip Service by Zer01

Mobile voip is really taking a go. With call rates decreasing each day, Mobile Voip providers like Vopium offering cheap rates, it is very diffcult for telecom providers to keep a hold on its users.

This has led to further dropping of call rates. Zer01 is offering a unlimited voice, text and data plans for just $69.95 per month. Actually Zer01 is able to cut its cost by using this Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) client on the handset for all voice calls. It has made some aggrements wih T-Mobile and AT&T's for roaming facilities.

By paying additional charge of just $10, one will be able to call unlimited calls for free to about 40 countries. Zer01 also have promised about the good voice quality even if someone is using edge and Gprs. Well another good feature about Zer01 voip service which sets its apart from other Movile voip services like Skype, Fring etc is that Zer01 is also offering data plans in the same price/plan (dat too unlimited).

At this point of time, Zer01 is offering its service only for Windows mobile however it has plans for offering its service to Blackberry, Iphone, Android, Symbian phones very soon. Company has no plans for offering any subsidised handsets at this point of time, one can use his own handset for using Mobile voip offered by Zer01.

Lets hope that more Mobile Voip service providers enter the Voip market as it will indeed help to lower the phone calls. As we all know that Mobile Voip is the future.

Cheers to Voip...!!!
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