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Browse ESPN on your mobile phone : Espn mobile website


3G services have been launched in many countries, India too not lagging behind. We have been using 2G (2.75G) for so long. Have you wondered what additional features you get in 3G.

With 3G in your mobile phone, you have the power of high speed internet in your mobile phone. A lot of people use internet facility in their mobile phone. You know use can use voip in your phone itself and make calls via it. This way your phone bills will be reduced very much.

With internet in your phone, youcan do a lt more things. Apart from these regular websites, many websites are specially made for mobiles. You can browse those web sites from your mobiles. If you are a sports loving person then, we have a good news for you. Mobile ESPN (mobile based spots information service) is being offered by ESPN.

You ca get updates on live scores (NBA, soccer, cricket). You can even make a fantasy team on ESPN mobile service. Get sports news, expert comments, select your favorite team all this free on Espn mobile site. You will be just charged for your internet (gprs by your provider). I guess many of you musy be having a unlimited access plan.

Visit on your mobile phone and enjoy.
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