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Configuring SIP service on Xlite softphone : Userguide


You guys know most of the voip calls are routed through SIP. You can use sip settings of various voip provder to make calls to your destination. Most of the betamax services provide SIP settings, and SIP settings of many other voip providers (like reliance etc) are known. Once you know the SIP settings of voip provider, you can call using your SIP device, mobile sip or any other SIP softphone. You can also use Doodle SIP (web based sip phone).

We have received many emails from users asking about the procedure to configure sip. We will today discuss about configuring SIP on the worlds most famous SIP softphone "X-lite". Its a very simple procedure (userguide).

Supposing you want to configure SIP for your betamax account with voipuser.

1. Download X-lit from Xlite website (softphone by counterpath).
2. Open X-lite. At the top, click on the arrow to open sip settings.
3. Click on add.
4. In the tab, enter your information.
Display Name : Any name you would like to see on your phone.
Username : it is your sip service username.
Password : Your SIP service password.
Authorization User Name : Your username only.
In the Domian : Enter either your SIP service IP address or if you have proxy, just add that.
In case of voipuser add
Proxy :

5. Click ok and close it.

You have successfully configured the SIP softphone X-lite. I hope you will easil be able to follow this X-lite configuring userguide and make sip calls.
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August 23, 2010 at 9:55 PM

Hi, i use jumblo account and it works fine when i use jumblo voip application but it's slow. So i installed x-lite and configured it the way you told but it gives the following error:

Registration error:408 - Request timeout

I've searched different forums and did everything they told but still it's not working.

One thing more, i'm using a LAN that is behind proxy server. but the question is why jumblo application is working and x-lite is not working? please help me..

October 29, 2012 at 7:01 AM

hey haider,

you should try the Ozeki PBX. It works troublefree and fast. I don't know why your x-lite cannot manage to work and why jumblo is so slow - a better PBX service may fasten the jumblo. Check this page:
and ask for help at Ozeki support. As I know, almost all voip/sip clients can be connected to the Ozeki PBX and Ozeki Phone System XE can manage X-Lite as well (x-lite can be integrated to the Ozeki system).

Hope I could help,

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