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Free calls from Iphone through Skype : Coming soon


Well voip is surely growing. On one of the voip news website, I read that Skype (a major in voip industry) has launched its internet calling and messagins software version for Google Android cell phones and Skype is in process of launching its internet calling software version for iphone too.

I remember the day when Iphone 3G was launched, I guess large number of people must already be using an iPhone but how many of you use voip to make calls from your iPhone. Guys, if you use voip in your phone itself, then you hold a great chance to reduce your phone bills.

As the PC version of skype is free to download, so is their softphone version for both Google Android and iPhone. Skype's iPhone application is still under development, but I am sure it will be a great product.

Let me tell you, Skype is not the first one to launch its voip software for iPhone. If you own Iphone, you can straight away try many other voip applications for your iphone. You can always refer to our post on Voip applications for iPhone.

We just hope more and more voip come forward to provide their internet calling software version for all our iPhone owners.
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