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Free SMS to any country : No sign up required


I have posted about many ways to make free phone calls to any country in the world. Many people keep looking for sending sms to their dear ones. International SMS rates are also not cheap.

Many websites provides sending SMS from internet. And yes it do works fine. Freesms.smsix allows you to send sms from there website. The best part is no sign up, no login is required. The services works in almost all countries. You can use this service to send sms to countires like India, Pakistan, UAE and many other countries where call rates are high.

I tried sending SMS to idea Delhi number. The sms reached within seconds. It allows you to send 5 sms daily. It will allow you send 1 sms in four hours. You can send it again after four hours. I guess they track it by IP address. I was wondering if you use a proxy, you can send more sms daily. So this way one can send unlimited sms daily.

1. In order to send sms visit Freesms website.
2. Enter the number in which you want to send sms.
3. Enter the text.
4. Click on step 2.
5. Fill the captcha.
6. Click the ad below captcha.

SMS will reach the destination within few seconds.

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September 3, 2010 at 2:18 AM

This seems to be great site for sms software with the help of this we can send SMS directly from PC without the use of mobile phones.i would surely like to try their service.i had been relying on

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