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C2CCall : Web phone without any software installation


Many a times, you just don't use skype and other messengers to talk to other others as it requires you to download hefty softwares and their installation.

With C2Call, you need not require to download any softwares, and still you will be able to talk to anyone who is online. C2Call lets you make web-based phone calls straight from your browser. It works like web-based email without any software installation. You can talk to anybody on the web free. It is a java based temporary browser applet that is loaded into your browser when you log-in.

Since C2Call does not require any installation you can use it anywhere where you have access to the Internet. Essentially you can make web based internet calls now with the same convenience as writing web based emails. You can use the PC’s built-in microphone and speaker or a headset. The best part is that C2Call is fully free.

C2Call can work on any recent browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Windows Vista/XP, MAC OS-X or Linux. C2Call uses VOIP (SIP ) to work. In the future C2Call is planning to launch new services like calling out to phone numbers, call-in forwarding to mobile phones etc .

To start with, you have to register with C2Call. It takes 10 seconds, just you have to write your email address and password. Click confirmation link in your mail.

To talk with other persons, you have to add a contact. For that just write his email address, he/she will get the invite. That's it. When he will be online, you will be talk to him.
The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes.

VOIP technology
is proving to be great for telecom industry. With so many different types of application, it has made our life so easy.

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