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Rondee : Free VOIP Conference Call Service

Rondee is a fast and easy way to hold your conference calls. Moreover, its free. But using this service is worth only when you belong to USA.

Rondee is a virtual meeting space that makes it fast and easy for you to talk to any group of people. Only a telephone is required for each person. You don't need a computer headset or any special software to use Rondee.

Rondee makes it incredibly easy to arrange a group call in advance.

  • From the Rondee home page, indicate when you want your call to take place and who you want to invite.
  • Rondee then emails invitations to each invitee. When your invitee responds that he or she will dial in, a unique code to access the scheduled Rondee is provided.
  • Rondee also gives you and your invitees a link to a web page so you can see who is going to be on the call.
  • At the arranged time, each person just calls 619-2-RONDEE (619-276-6333) and enters his or her assigned code.

  • Remember that each code is unique to you as a Rondee user, and can also be used by you for any future Rondees. The Scheduled Rondee are ideal for businesses, clubs, non-profits and others who want to arrange discussions in advance with multiple people.

    Rondee does not charge anything. Calls to Rondee (area code 619 is in San Diego, where two of our founders hail from) cost no more than any other regular long distance call you make from your home or office phone. For cell phone users, a call to Rondee is exactly like any other call you make.

    Big question Why is Rondee better than normal conference calls ?
    1. Existing teleconferencing systems either charge high fees or aren't easy to use.

    2. Besides being free, Rondee also includes convenient web-based scheduling and on-call features while remaining very easy to use.

    3.If you want Rondee can even record your conference calls, so that you can keep a record and hold of your call.

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