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Tephno : Free Calls to 20 Countries from USA


If you live in USA, and want to call other countries for free or at very cheap rate, this post is specially for you.

Tephno allows you to make free calls from any phone to USA and over 20 countries. It works even if international calls are blocked on your phone.

Calls must be made from a US phone number with caller ID enabled. You only need to register the number you want to call and every time you call the New Jersey phone number, the call is forwarded to any phone in over 20 countries.

Calls can currently be made from the US to the following countries
Argentina | Germany | Korea | Poland |Australia | Greece | Malaysia | Portugal |Austria | Hong Kong | Mexico | Russia |Brazil | Hungary | Monaco | Singapore |Canada | Indonesia |Netherlands | SpainChile | Ireland | New Zealand | Sweden |China | Israel | Norway | Taiwan |France | Italy | Peru | USA | UK .

How does it work

Go to their registration page.

Enter your phone number in.

Enter the number you want to call.

Pick a location for your Tephno number that is a local call from your phone.

Click the "Get my Tephno" button.

Save your Tephno number to your phone's contact list.

Make a local call to your Tephno number from your phone and you'll connect to the international number.

Get as many Tephno numbers as you like, and call them anytime you want.

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