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Free Calls within Canada and USA : Spoofcard


Voip has made possible to make free calls to anywhere in world. Those paying for making calls to USA, and Canada need to know more about this service.

SpoofCard is basically a voip application which makes your voip calls fully private. When you call any phone, you can display just any number on your friends phone which you are calling. You can even record your calls.

You can even use spoofCard to make free calls to USA and Canada. Actually they are allowing new users to make trial calls using spoofcard. Enter your number, then destination number. SpoofCard will call you first then connect you to your friend. You even are asked to enter the number which you want to display on his phone. The Caller ID number you enter will appear on your friend's Caller ID.

This service is though quite unique, but I guess it can be used in a quite illegal way to fool people around. This kind of use is strictly prohibited by the company.

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