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Indian Mobile Market Growing in Recession Time

Who says recession is going on. Who says that world economy is facing the global slowdown. Surely Indian Mobile users and those associated with it ain't complaining anything.

Even in this time of recession, one market is till blooming and growing good. Its the Indian Mobile Market. And the reason for that is the world lowest call rate market, all thanks to the steep competition among telecom providers. (Latest entry in this is the Voip providers giving competition to these regular telecom providers).

Indian Mobile Market recorded 15.4 million wireless users in January -- the biggest monthly growth ever. Actually this growth is not because of business growing and phones added, its because of the growing craze of Cell phones among the laborers, maids, drivers and other lowly paid people. Now from the cities, this mobile technology has reached in rural areas. Fierce competition and government support has made phoning very cheap, even affordable to the poorest pockets.

I am just waiting for the day when Voip will be a matter of fact for people living in rural areas. (Hey I don't think we will then be calling those areas rural)..!!
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