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Beemask : Private Calling Free Service (Use while Dating)

While you are chatting with someone on dating site, and quite bored to typing. Its time to talk but you don't want to share your phone numbers neither you want to voice chat using headset, you want straight free phone to phone calls. Now what...?

Beemask has a answers for you. Beemask is a private free calling service which will allow you to talk (Phone to Phone) without sharing your phone numbers. This will make talking with whom you meet online very easy, safe and yes its free too.

How to make free phone calls (voice calls) while you were on chat with someone.

Lest say you are in chat with person X.

1. You both need to first register with Beemask. (Register your phone numbers, where you want to recieve calls). Its completely safe and secure.
2. Pick up a Beeword. (Just any word).
3. Both of you visit Beemask and enter this beeword.
4. Click connect call.
5. Both of you will recieve a phone call and your calls will get connected. (Without disclosing your phone numbers).
6. Just don't hung up your phone while connecting.

Its actually fun and free calling service. You can also use this service for making domestic free calls. (USA to USA free calls).
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March 11, 2009 at 9:38 AM

is it work in saudi arabia and india......... i cant register with them in KSA

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