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Holi Offer : Cheap Calls to India by Nymgo

Holi season is around, the festival of colors. And this Holi season we want our readers to connect to their loved ones in India to wish them Happy Holi.

Now since the voip calling rates to India are very cheap, so it ain't cost you much wishing loved ones in India (making cheap calls to India). And the best part is that Nymgo, a very cheap Pc to Phone voip provider has lowered its call rates to India (in PAY as you Go plan).

The only sad part about Nymgo being that Nymgo has stopped offering their unlimited India Calling Package. Anyways this drop in calling rate to India in Pay as you go plan compensates for this.

Pc to Phone voip provider Mediaringtalk earlier reduced its calling rate to 1.7 cents/min and now Nymgo has followed it reducing its rate to just 1.3cents/min to India Mobile (I guess this is the cheapest calling rate to India). Nymgo is first VOIP service to go as low as 1.3 cents per minute.

1.3 cents to India Mobile does not include calling code (94), it may be because of high termination cost on 94 calling code.

The best part about Nymgo is that apart from PC to Phone calls, one can also use Nymgo SIP using any SIP device by using Nymgo SIP settings. Thereby making Phone to Phone calls using Nymgo.
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