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Cheap Calls to India Free Calls to other 8 destinations : Mediaring Talk

Its a fact that large number of people from India go abroad either for studies or for work. They have their loved ones living in India, they don't mind spending few bucks to get connected to their friends and relatives living in India.

Also large number of people want to call countries like USA, Canada, Australis etc.
Voip Companies have now really lowered their rates for calls to India, one of them is Mediaring talk. They are giving their users very cheap calls to India and absolutely free calls to 8 destinations including Australia, Singapore,UK, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong ,USA.

They are just charging 5 cents for calling India. This is among one of the cheapest price available today. Many other voip providers are claiming cheaper calls but either their voice quality is poor, or calls get disconnected quite often.

Regarding free worldwide calls offer by Mediaring talk.

  1. Unlimited Free calls are applicable to calls made to:
    • Fixed & Mobile: US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong
    • Fixed: United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia (Promotion does not include calls to mobile lines)
  2. Promotion will end on March 31, 2008 GMT 23:59.
  3. Each call is limited to 10 minutes. However, there are no restrictions on calling the same destination multiple times.
One need not require to buy any credit for calling these destinations.

All you need to do is register on their website for a free account and download the softphone from their website. which is also free.

For more Info, Visit Mediaring Talk.

Enjoy Free Calling.

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January 28, 2009 at 5:21 AM

can you share the sip settings for mediaringtalk if you have found them.



September 13, 2012 at 6:00 AM

i want to know how to make call india from US with best possible calling rates. Can anyone suggest me something?

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