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Jabra GN9350e : Dual Mode Voip Headset

Jabra Dual mode Voip Headset
Latest launch by Jabra is GN9350e, a dual mode voip headset. Without going into much details let me just put its feature here.
1. A simple headset which can be integrated easily.
2. Looks good. (Hey its importan too, you dont want a bad looking gadget for you..)
3. Can be connected to your desktop phone, laptop, PC.
4. A clear tone adjustment switch, ensuring that you have a clean dial tone.
5. Easy to read battery level indicator.
6. Speaker volume level adjustments buttons (easy to identify)
7. Superb sound quality and crystal clear speech
8. Reduced background noise
9. Soft and comfortable earpiece materials
10. Full confidentiality with advanced digital encryption.
Overall, a nice voip gadget (headset). If you came looking for free calling ways, then just surf this blog to find some working calling ways.
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