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Vopium : Pay low for your Foreign Calls in Germany


Mobile voip is really growing. An old voip provider in mobile voip market is Vopium. Mobile users can save a lot of money by using a simple voip application in their mobile itself.

Now mobile users in Germany can enjoy Voipum service to lower their phone calls bills. They can save up to 90 percent on international calls and messages from their handsets with this new Vopium application.

When customers use Voipum server to send message or make a phone calls, they pay a local call plus a Vopium fee. A call to the United States would cost 9 cents a minute, plus a 2 cent charge by Vopium .

Vopium application works on almost all handsets and their is no need to change your SIM card. Vopium application can be downloaded to a mobile in any country and can be easily used.

Its time to try Vopium application ( on your mobile and save some money on your phone bill.
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January 22, 2009 at 12:14 PM


One of my friends told me about and i tried this service yesterday and really was surprised to experience a crystal clear and awesome voice quality..really a good VoIp provider...its a must try as they provide you 30 free minutes to test their service..

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