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Beware of Fake Voip Services : Always do a check


There is always something bad associated with the good. Suppose you buy a laptop, you do a lot of market check before you actually buy it. So why don't you do a market check before buying credit from your voip provider.

Every market is not always full of the good material, you are bound to face the bad elements but the main point is to recognize those bad elements and remaining away from them.

In the case of Voip, these bad elements are the Fake voip providers. I would not point any voip provider particularly (if your money is safe with them, or will it provide you the right phone adapter) but would like to tell you about some checks, following which can help you filter out these voip services if not completely saving you from these fake services.

  • While making payments, either by credit card or paypal or any other online methods where you are required to enter your details. Always check whether the web page is encrypted or not. This can be easily checked by looking the URL of the web page. SSL secured pages starts with Https and not by Http. (s is basically for secured or encrypted pages). It matters only for pages where you are asked to enter your credit card details.

  • If you are buying any credit for your Pay as you go service or you are buying any voip phone adapter, first contact the voip provider. Look for the contact page (phone number and address). Do call them once to confirm their product details. This is ensure that they resond to customer problems and you won't complain that their customer support is bad.
  • Do check whether they are new or old voip providers. Though this no be of much help, but can help you getting trust if they are a affiliated company of some other company which you already trust.

Following these simple checks, can prevent you from fraud and these Fake voip services.

So, Beware of these Fake voip service.

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