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Foonz - Free Conference and Group Calls


Conferencing, group calls always have been a requirement in a business. Sometimes, you want to talk to many people at the same time. Instead of paying call charges to call each one of them, you can just pay for one call and talk to everyone. Now everyday people can talk with friends and family to plan an event or hash out the day's events on the phone all at once with no additional cost to you. This is a great money saving scheme.

Yet another cool voip application is Foonz. Foonz provides you with such facility. Foonz brings the ease of conference calling to consumers; perfect for planning get-together's, send a message to team members, or just chatting with a group. The best part is Foonz is absolutely free to join.

It literally doesn't cost anything to use foonz than to use your phone. Only your normal phone minutes apply. In fact, since you can talk with a bunch of people at once, you can actually save minutes!

Sign up for a free foonz account. Enter groups of names and mobile phone numbers to your foonz contact list and give your groups names, like “team” or “family”. Then you will get a foonz number – that's the number you call to start a group call.

When you call your foonz number, Foonz sends an immediate txt message to the mobile phones of your contacts inviting them to join your call. They simply call the number in the txt to join.

You can also schedule your conference, foonz will notify people in advance, and remind them again when the call is starting.

do not sell, share, divulge or in any way give out any information. They keep your information private.

For more info, visit Foonz.

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