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FreeCallPlanet - Cheap Phone Calls to India, Pakistan and China


Many voip providers are already giving away free unlimited plans to USA, Canada etc but a very few of them give free calls to India, China and Pakistan. I have seen many people looking for cheap calling plans for India and Pakistan.

Free Calls Planet's claims to be the leader in monthly calling plans to India. Their monthly plans offer the cheap India long distance rates, great service, and crystal clear call quality. They have also mentioned about Money back thing.

Plans to India include " India 500 Minute Plan for $27.45 per month " that costs around 5.4 cents per minute.

Call China and Hong Kong for 0.5 cents per minute!

Call Pakistan 3.9 cents per minute!

To make Calls, you need to sign up and dial the local access number. Here is step wise procedure to use the service.

1. Select a plan and sign-up, specifying what phone number you will make your calls from (it can be a home or mobile phone)

2. Dial one of the domestic access numbers listed on the Access Numbers page.

3. You will be connected with their International Gateway and will hear a message instructing you to dial your International destination.

4. Dial your destination phone number. International calls should begin with 011, and Canada and Caribbean calls with 1- area code.

5. Wait for your call to be connected - it may take a few moments.

For more info visit Free Call Planet.

I have not tested the service myself, I request any reader to give its review as comment so as to help other users.

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March 25, 2008 at 3:21 PM

Hi friends,
I found rebtel the best.Initially they give you 10mins of trail call.and once you sign up with credit cards,they give you 20$ worth of talk time for 10$.

You can visit this link for activation

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