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Poketalk : Free Domestic and International calls

With voip its possible to make free domestic and international phone calls from your mobile/landline phone. Its possible because of Poketalk.

Poketalk is a voip provider launched sometime back and it has been rated as No. 1 voip provider by many voip blogs and websites. This is only beacuse of the free service offered by Poketalk with exceptionally good voice quality, ease of use, good customer support and many other features.

With Poketalk you need not to have any microphone, speakers, voip adapters. This is direct phone to phone calls using Poketalk.

Using Poketalk free international and domestic calls can be made to about 55 countries from the following 13 countries.
Canada + mobile!
Singapore + mobile!
United Kingdom
USA + mobile

Calls can be made to about 55 countries including USA, Canada, Sweden, China, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Peru, Turkey and other destinations. (India and Pakistan are not included in the list).

How to call using Poketalk.
First Register with Poketalk.
Simply enter your number, and the number you want to call, and Poketalk will connect you!
It will call you first and then your destination.
There's no signup fees, no connection charges, no downloads, and certainly no adapters needed to use the service. Poketalk is 100% free to use. Actually you will be displayed with some ads on your screen while you are talking on your phone, this is how they match your call cost.

Ad based voip provdiers have grown in the recent past and we have seen that they make big in this voip market. A lot of people like this type of voip network and like to associate with them.
Overall a great free calling service, Poketalk.
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