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List of things you can do with Jailbroken Iphone

Below is the list of things you can do after you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod. These features are added once you load the iphone applications to your jailbroken iphone.

1. Use your iPhone as 3G Modem and connect with your Laptop.
2. You can use pre paid cards in your iPhone, no more connected to your provider. Just unluck your iPhone.
3. Record Video using cycorder.
4. Install GPS application and follow directions.
5. Copy and Paste in your iPhone.

Offcourse you can do a lot many things after jailbroken, but this comes at a price (it mighty be risky). I have read many articles stating that Jailbreak process is not risky, thanks to Apple itunes factory reset. However, I would suggest you to read some good procedures and articles before you try Jailbreak* with your iPhone.

*Warning - Please do this at your own risk. We may not be held responsible for any issues.
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