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Cheap Phone calls to Pakistan : TelephonePakistan

TelephonePakistan is offering cheap voip phone calls to Pakistan from around 25 countries.

Lets first look at the rates offered by TelephonePakistan.
Karachi - 11.9cents/min
Islamabad - 11.9cents/min
Pakistan Mobile and others - 11.9cents/min

Calling rates being the same from over 25 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, etc.

Some features of TelephonePakistan

One Minute rounding
Pinless Dialing
Balance Never dies - Use your available credit anytime, without any expiration date. This is a very nice feature offered by some voip providers. (similar to pay as you go).
Good Voice quality.

How to make calls using Telephone Pakistan -:
1. Register with
They will send you a mail with PIN and procedure to use their service.

2. Make payment. Its better to try the service first selecting the minimum amount offered.

3. You can now make calls. Just dial the access numbers (local to your country) and your call will be connected.

Access numbers are offered in 25 countries. Toll free access numbers are also offered, with additional charge of 2cents/min. (I would suggest you using local access numbers).

TelephonePakistan also offers Pakistan Virtual phone number.

You can get a virtual Pakistan phone number and your friends and family back home in Pakistan will be able to call you on a local number and you will be able to answer on your cell phone or land line in the country where you live. Receive unlimited calls from Pakistan for only $19.99/month.
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